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Come close to the confidence of recovering deleted data and close the fear of losing deleted data

Microsoft Windows – a magical tool that has done wonders to the world of computer. It is an operating system that has changed the total shape of computer and how we use it. Today, people know Windows before they know computer. Steadily with the generation of several advanced and higher versions, Microsoft generated a huge market for the magic it created in the beginning with MS Windows 95. Dependency on Windows is so high now that thinking of computer with Windows is next to impossible.

In a few minutes you will be able to recover deleted windows data from windows hard drives using Windows Data Recovery Software. This recovery software for Windows is an easy, simple & fast yet it is powerful to recover windows data instantly.

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Full Version Purchase

For recovering, restoring and saving the lost/damaged/deleted/corrupted computer files, buy the FULL version of Recover Data’s Windows Data Recovery Software. Demo version will give you only the preview of those files but to save them finally you must order the Full version. This computer file recovery software is an advanced, superior, result-oriented, reliable, efficient and effective tool which will guarantees complete satisfaction.

Buy Online Computer Data Recovery Software

If you also have lost your computer data from Windows, then there is no need to panic… recovering deleted files is not only possible but also very very easy! Windows data recovery software provides you the necessary external help you are looking for your computer data recovery. With this tool, rule out the notion that you cannot get data back and start thinking “How will I get back my data now?” and How to restore computer files?” We are here to help you find answers to these questions – the answers and their result would be so satisfying that it will bring back the lost smile on your face.

Why the need arises for computer file recovery?

Computer data loss from MS Windows OS can happen due to many uncontrolled occurrences. Some of them are:

  • Accidental, unintentional and abrupt file deletion by mistake
  • Unintended and irreversible formatting
  • Emptying of the Recycle Bin or usage of Shift+Del keys leading to loss of crucial data files
  • Software or hardware malfunction which is purely away from the control of users
  • Disk corruption
  • Power fluctuations leading to abrupt system shut down
  • Virus or Trojans infection
  • Too much fragmentation of Windows FAT or NTFS file systems causing corruption
  • CHKDSK errors
  • Partition table errors
  • Dynamic volumes corruption or loss
  • Damage of the key system components like MFT, EBR, boot sector, MBR, NTFS.sys, NTLDR and others

Due to any of these or other reasons, if you lose any of your computer files, then Recover Data is at your service! We help you recover and restore computer files that you have lost from Windows OS. Recover data from computer using our software for effectual computer data recovery.

Are the Files Really Lost?

You must understand that if any file is deleted from Windows, it does not get permanently lost, until the system overwrites it. Microsoft Windows never permanently erases the data the above mentioned cases. Data only becomes inaccessible by the user and user cannot see it. This is because the system removes the location of the file which made it accessible before. What happens now is that the space that the file was previously occupying is marked as available and so there are chances overwriting that space. In the cases where a file is deleted normally and it is not overwritten i.e. its attributes are still intact; then recovery can be easily done with our computer data recovery software.

Why us!

Recover Data’s Windows Data Recovery software ensures:

  • Rapid recovery of Windows data
  • To recover computer data cost-effectively
  • To easily and effortlessly recover deleted computer files
  • To restore lost files in their original form
  • Recovery of deleted files after emptying the Recycle Bin
  • To regain files deleted due to accidental formatting
  • To get data back which has been lost due to re-partitioning
  • To restore files corrupted due to virus or Trojan attack or any hardware and software failure
  • To recover data types including documents, photos, music files, videos, email items and other supported file types

Supported OS, File Systems, File Types & Storage Devices:

  • File Types: Almost all file types
  • File Systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS & NTFS5
  • Operating Systems:-Windows 98, ME, NT, 2003, XP, Vista & Windows 7
  • Storage Devices: USB Digital Media, Pen Drive, Zip Drive, Hard Drive, Floppy Drive and many more.